List of Federal Government Loans 2021

Below is the list of federal government and Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) loan.

1. Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) NIRSAL COVID-19 Loan
This is a government loan opportunity through CBN aimed at helping business owners and households in Nigeria to recover from the economic challenges caused by COVID-19 pandemic. Apply for this loan at https://nmfb.com.ng/covid-19-support

2. NYSC CBN Loan
This loan has been in existing for a while. It’s a loan initiative for ex-corps members and corps members to enable them to start up a business so they won’t depend on white-collar job after their service year. Apply at https://www.yiedp-hbng.com

The Agric, Small and Medium Enterprise Scheme is an initiative of the Central Bank of Nigeria to help agricultural related businesses in Nigeria. To apply for this loan, click here: https://nirsalmfb.caderp.com/account/landingpage

4. Npower GEEP loan
This loan was created for the outgoing N-power batch A and B beneficiaries to start up a business so they won’t go back to the street. Apply at npower.gov.ng

5. FarmerMoni loan / TraderMoni Loan
The Federal government in a bid to support and encourage petty farmers/Traders created this loan. This loan initiative is under the Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme (GEEP). You can apply via Bank of Industry website at https://www.boi.ng/

6. MarketMoni loan
MarketMoni is a part GEEP. It is a federal government loan initiative created to offer financial help to business men and women. This loan is very similar to TraderMoni loan. You can apply for this loan at https://www.boi.ng/apply

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