Mr. P - Revealed the Motivation behind The Title of His latest Album 'The Prodigal'

Mr. P of the defunct singing duo P-Square has been trending since yesterday after his interview on Hip TV. In the interview, Peter Okoye made a lot of revelations about his new album “The prodigal” and also talked about how much he making after he broke away from P-Square and became a solo artist.

According to Mr. P, ever since he became a solo artist, he has been earning more money than he used to. According to him, he used to divide the earnings they receive when they were singing as brothers but now, he doesn’t spl it his earnings. “I’m making money and I don’t have to share with anybody, called it greed or selfishness, I don’t care,” he told the host.

Speaking about his new album titled “The prodigal”, he disclosed that the title of the album doesn’t connote that he is a prodigal son. He made reference to the prodigal son in the bible who left home and back to his family a wretch. He stated that in his case, he is a successful man.

“It is not the prodigal son, it is ‘The Prodigal’. If you want to involve the son, I should be the prodigal who has a son. The definition of a prodigal is someone who is successful, independent, and takes responsibility for his decision. The prodigal son story is a son who ran away, didn’t succeed, and came back, I’m still succeeding.” Mr. P explained to the host.

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