Prophet Odumeje Cursed a Guy who rebuked him over the the death of Ada Jesus

Prophet Odumeje and actress Rita Edochie were slammed for having a hand in the death of Ada Jesus after they cursed her for lying against them and refusing to forgive her when she went to ask for forgiveness.

This gentleman sadly reacting to the death of Ada Jesus ended up digging his own grave with his words after saying he hope Prophet Odumeje is happy now that Ada Jesus is dead saying God will never forgive him for that.

Prophet Odumeje reacting to that cursed the gentleman saying he will never live to see next year for insulting him asking him to mark the date of his post and remember that he will not live to see that some date next year.

He then went ahead to ask whether he didn’t forgive Ada Jesus which he did after social media folks intervened slamming him and Rita Edochie pressuring them into forgiving Ada Jesus.

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