GLO FBT - May 2021 Via 24Clan V2ray VPN App

Download 24Clan V2ray Here

Recharge GLO N100, you will receive 40MB data bonus or subscribe to a normal data bundle (N50 Naira Daily is recommended) your data will not be touched!

How to Setup your 24Clan V2ray App & Updates the Tweaks/Config

Open the App - Goto Menu - Click (Check Updates) Note make sure you have a small normal MB to update time to time!

Servers updates completed - Select Glo Unlimited Free 1 Tweak or 2 from the list of Tweak and tap on the Connect Button

Within 5 seconds it Connected - You'll get a response like "Success. HTTPS handshake took". After some sec you're good to surf the net. Enjoy! 

If you get a response like Failed, just reconnect again. Apply Airplane mode On/Off & try again or inter change Tweak by selecting a different one when it fails select back your main supposed tweak! 

Your 40MB/Other data you having will not be touched!

To Avoid deduction of data = Goto Phone Settings Network - VPN  then set Always On & the other option there for 24Clan V2ray VPN. It means, if the vpn is not connected, your phone Internet won't connection on the device.

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