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How to Activate Airtel Unlimited Free Browsing - June 2021

Over time we been sharing insights on how to surf the internet for free via various modes/VPN. Here is another, fast & easy to set up; Make sure you follow this guides for setup. 

NB: Alternatives VPN Free Browsing, Hey Guy's don't forget to check this VPN HA Tunnel Alternatives - Stark VPN Reloaded / 24Clan V2ray - EntclassV2ray VPN Here and Here and Here

1. HA Tunnel Plus VPN Needed Download/Install

Updated HA Tunnel Apk Latest Version ๐Ÿ‘‰ Here


2. Download The Config File

Updated Latest Config file๐Ÿ‘‰ Here


3. Open/Launch the VPN - Click on the 3Dots Menu to Import Config - Search for the config file name you downloaded & select it. Then press the start button on the VPN. 

4. A pop-up notification will appear, prompting you to watch a Ads video immediately to extend your VPN time access usage, follow the instructions. 

After watching the ads video, oki - Minimize the app and start browsing Unlimitedly.

Browsing speed very fast, enjoy while it last!

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