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How to Enjoy MTN 4Me Offers on Data and Call Traffic

How to Enjoy MTN 4Me Offers on Data and Call Traffic

The above mentioned packages offer will enable you enjoy cheaper data plans and recharges increasing values.

To Get Started: Dial *121# and choose the offering you want, Data offer or Call offer, please be guided; note every body don't have same bonuses offer.

Dial *121# to see what MTN 4me have in stock's for you and available packages offered to your sims.

Data balance dial: *131*4#

Also enjoy 200MB for N50 dial *131*25# valid for 14 days. Another option code *131*10#

1.5GB For 300 My Offer Data Plans

MTN 1GB For 200 like i stated earlier, this offer is sim selective. Not everyone is eligible for this offer, Just try your luck.

> Dial *567# on your MTN line

> Data offer will be placed in opt 4.

> If you didn’t find option 4, then there is no available offer for you. You can try out any of the option 1, 2 or 3 which is Data + Voice Bundle.

> Data validity varies!

If you ask my opinion on this, MTN 4me data and call offer solved the needs of users with high data usage; now you can get lower pay subscription fees for higher MB also for the calls lover's who enjoy making calls.

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