Palmpay, (Opay Paycom), Kuda, Rubies ePayment Mobile Apps better Alternatives to Commercial Banks

#. ePayment financial wallet, CBN approved secured, trusted and reliable:

#. Enjoy Cash Back Rewards on ePayment wallet App, Great Deals

#. Bypass Bank Stap Duty - N52 Inter Banks Transfer Charges Fees; Palmpay, Kuda Bank, Rubies Bank App

#. 50 Monthly free bank transfer zero free charges while others are transferred at the rate of N10.

#. Enjoy % cash back on App eg: Airtime, Data Purchases, Payment of bills, Referring of friends etc..

Cash back  % rewards can be used on any purchase on Opay.

#. Top up Airtime / Data: Earn Airtime Rewards Also By Referral

#. Mobile payment service and consumer platform for users to send and receive money, top up airtime/data pay bills etc. It brings freedom and security to everyone in Nigeria through unmatched mobile money service.

PALMPAY: Inviting you to PalmPay, register and download the app/login to PalmPay to earn new user rewards https://h5.palmpay.app/#/sign/sign-up?invitQrCode=6FS5R1&code=0234&scene=PalmPay&channelName=referrer-normal-invitation

👉 Fill in your info, let the Captcha/Ver code be the last things you will inputs

👉 Invites Code:  6FS5R1

👉 Note: Don't forget to use the invite code:  6FS5R1

👉 Copy and past the referral code into the invitation/referrals filed during registrations!

👉 If you don't use the referral code: 6FS5R1  don't complain cause u will not be given the bonus.

After you must have Register successfully/Download the App and login to PalmPay from the App to earn new user rewards, then after registration recharge ₦100 to claim your 300 referral bonus.

Note: you were already given 75points. So what you'll do is to try recharge ₦100 airtime and 50 points will be deducted and 50 from your bank and you'll be given #100 airtime.

What are you still waiting for?? Hurry up😋

OPAY - PAYCOM: is an ePayment wallet launched by Opera software company the developers of the popular Opera mini.

The more you use OPay, the more bonus you earn. Save more when you use OPay for all transactions Save up to 10% Get a ride. Bonus on Airtime. Receive interests. Pay and Receive Money.

1. Download Opay App: Good news! Register now and claim ₦200 for free! Get it now! https://bit.ly/3B2R2b9

Start enjoying services like bill payments, money transfer, investment and loans, and hail a ride. Get started now

2. Register on Opay app if you haven't registered before now.

3. Note your account number is your phone number used during registration on Opay app

4. You can fund your Opay wallet app using your ATM card without any charges, via bank transfer or you can also fund it through an Opay agent nearest to you.

5. If the person you want to transfer to is also using Opay. You can scan the QR code of that person. You will still get extra cash for using QR code to transfer.

6. If the person is using a bank. Your first 50 bank transfer on Opay is free of charge while others are transferred at the rate of N10.

NOTE: Same simpler mode applies when using; Kuda Bank, Rubies Bank App:-

Hi, there inviting you to enjoy free banking on Kuda. Download Kuda here: https://kuda.onelink.me/abUI/97d26028 and join with this code: W7JGM5ID

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