Big Brother Naija's TV Shows Housemates Regulations

BBN Naija; This is a reality show where members live in remote houses and compete for the highest dollar cash prize at the end of the show without being driven away by the audience.

According to the organizer, Big Brother Naija 2021 (Season 6) started on July 24, 2021 (Saturday). Drama, fun, excitement and romance will be broadcast on DStv 198 and GOtv 29 channels 24/7.

Media and TV personality Ebuka Obi Uchendu hosted the final four episodes of Big Brother Naija Reality (see Gobe, Double Wahala, Pepper Dem and Lockdown), and he has returned to host the sixth season of Big Brother Naija.

BBNaija is organized around "reality". This is a social experiment aimed at bringing people from different backgrounds, cultures and experiences together to live and work together. 

Unity in diversity is the main motivation of the show. Roommates are allowed. 

They are encouraged to live their "normal lives". As long as they do not violate the house rules, they can do whatever they want.

Big Brother Naija's TV Shows Housemates Regulations:

Rule 1: Roommates have no contact with the outside world and are busy with Biggie's various duties and responsibilities. A house full of strangers can be difficult, and Biggie has rules to follow.

Rule 2: Big Brother has complete control of everything that happens in the house. Biggie never discusses what happens outside the house with anyone in the house. 

Rule 3: Roommates should always respect the house and other members.

Rule 4: The audience should be able to eavesdrop on all conversations at any time, and should not whisper or shut up when talking with roommates. You also must not disclose the location of the camera and microphone.

It is very important to note: the afternoon meeting and nomination are mandatory, and roommates must provide a compelling reason to nominate roommates. Biggie reserves the right to take time to answer questions, but will always come back with answers. Answer personal questions. What happened in the diary room was left in the diary room, and roommates could not discuss what happened in the diary room. Events such as B. Housewife duties.

Rule 5: Dating is very important. Roommates cannot discuss the reasons for dating anyone other than Big Brother. When a roommate does this, it is interpreted as a conscious attempt to influence others. Communication through prompts is not allowed. , Signs, symbols, or written notes. Roommates cannot form alliances or plan to overthrow other roommates. It is forbidden to use Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and any other ethnic languages ​​other than English to communicate at home.

Rule 6: Roommates must not hit, intimidate, threaten, or use any method that may be interpreted as violence against other neighbors, which may result in immediate disqualification.

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Rule 7: The word biggies is the law, and all roommates should abide by its wishes.

Rule 8: Only Biggie is allowed to open the pantry, where roommates can find all the tasks, questions, etc. they need...there is to meet the roommate's daily and weekly needs.

Rule 9: Periodical meetings are one of the most important aspects of project success and are mandatory. Once roommates are called to the diary room, they must put aside everything they did and go to the diary room. Fines, "strikes" or worse. Roommates can request to enter the diary room at any time of the day or night. You cannot enter the diary room with sunglasses and a hat. The door of the magazine room is locked when not in use, and no one can enter the room when it is busy.

Rule 10: Housemates are not allowed to bring the following items into the house: 

CD, CD player, radio, iPod, iPad walkman, DVD/Blu-ray player, TV, mobile phone, smartphone, computer, laptop, notebook, game console, Computer games... 

Paper or stationery. Eyeliner (or any other cosmetics you can use for writing.

Alarm clock All electronic devices that require batteries, weapons, medicines, and medicines (except for personal medicines agreed with Big Brother) Clothes with eye-catching signs, clothes with pinstripes or dots, silk clothes, pure white clothes. Your cat and child (although you can bring pictures of your child and cat)

Rule 11:  Housemates re Allow to bring the following items: cigarettes/cigars/tobacco. Reading material, whether it is a book or a magazine. 

Moisturizer, shaving foam, deodorant, shower gel, razor blade pack, day cream, night cream and eye cream, cleansing lotion, cleansing toner.  

Perfume or aftershave hair spray/conditioner and waxLip balm instrument (if battery is not needed)

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