How to Borrow Data on Glo, MTN, Airtel and 9mobile

Borrowing data is useful in most situations, just as borrowing from various sources is useful in emergency situations. 

How to borrow data from all Nigerian networks; and you must be online for at least 3 months to borrow data. 

Borrow MTN network data to dial * 606 # on the mobile phone and select the xtrabyte option. You can borrow at the current price.

20 MB 50 MB 150 MB per day 150 MB per week 500 MB available range from 20 MB to 2 GB. 

The more active you are on the network, the more you can borrow. The amount due will be deducted the next time you top up your mobile phone.

How to borrow data from the Airtel network? 

A 15% service fee will be deducted from the broadcast time used. In other words, when you apply for an N200 loan, N170 will be added to your mobile phone, and N30 will be transferred to Airtel as a service fee. 

To borrow data from Airtel NG, please follow the instructions below: To borrow data from Airtel Nigeria dial * 500 # Select option 3 to borrow data. Select the required amount of data from this option.

How to borrow data from 9mobile network? 

Currently, you can only borrow call time from 9mobile and use the borrowed call time to purchase data, because borrowing data is not currently allowed.

To check if you are eligible, please dial *665 * 3# or send the text STATUS to 665. 

Dial *665 * sum # to collect any amount or send SMS to 665. The following amounts can be used to obtain loans: N50, N100, N200, N500. , N1000, N1.150 and N2600 You will be charged 15% of the loan amount as a service fee. 

Note: You need to be online for at least 3 months to apply for a loan.

How to borrow data from the Glo network? 

Glo Borrow Me Data allows customers to borrow data from the network by dialing *321# on their Glo line. 

Compliance status: Must be online for at least 3 months. 

Depending on your authorization status, you can borrow up to 1.6 GB or more of data. Glo also charges a 15% commission for the data services provided.

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