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How to Send PayPal Money Directly to Your Local Bank Account Worldwide: Xoom

Sending money from one country to another has always been a big problem in the past, especially for those who want to send money from PayPal to their bank account but find it difficult.

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Xoom is here to solve this problem for you. Using the PayPal service Xoom, you can send PayPal funds to any Nigerian Naira account, and the funds will be deposited immediately. 

Not only Nigeria, you can also transfer money to any bank account anywhere in the world, and then deposit it to the bank of your choice or the pickup location of your choice.

With Xoom, you can even recharge and pay for utilities in other countries/regions directly from your mobile device.

What can I do with Xoom? Send money directly from PayPal to local banks (GTbank, Zenith, First Bank, etc.).

To send money, you choose to pay global electricity bills and charge your smartphone. Use Xoom to send money to Nigeria, you have it all.

One of the cash pickup locations provides a valid Xoom ID and transaction number.

How can I start? First, sign up: https://www.xoom.com/ A PayPal or Amazon gift card that allows you and your friends to earn $10 (no transaction fees) the first time you transfer $50 or more. How to use Xoom to send money You have registered here or are sending money https://www.xoom.com/

Select the option to choose the amount you want to send.

Enter the recipient's location. choose the payment method.

The money is sent to the recipient's location. Recipients will receive the money exactly according to their choice, whether through a bank account or through cash withdrawals.

You can track your transfer via SMS, email notification, online access or contact our very friendly staff. Service staff at any time of the day.

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