How to Transfer Airtime From Any Network to Another Network

This means that no matter which cellular network you use, whether it is Airtel MTN, MTN Glo, Glo Airtel, etc., you can easily and conveniently send your talk time to your loved ones by entering a simple short code. 

First you must dial * 931 # and select 6 [Change PIN code]. Your default password is 0000, you just need to change it to the password you want.

After successfully completing this operation, the next thing you need to do is to select the 3rd "Call Time Exchange (Swap) " in the list, and you will see a new menu where you can enter the recipient's number, which is the recipient. 

Change/transfer to another number-N100. Therefore, when you enter and request the payee number, you will see a new menu where you can select the amount to be transferred from the main balance.

When you have made your selection, the amount will be deducted, including the N50 service fee charged for the service you requested. If there is no service charge, the translation of the call time will not be possible..

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