How To Transfer Airtime on MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile /Etisalat

How To Share Or Transfer Airtime On MTN

Share'N' Sell is an MTN service that allows you to send funds from your MTN account to other MTN customers. Share'N' Sell is a great way to keep in touch with your friends and family.

You can transfer money, you must change the default PIN code, which is 0000. You can change the standard PIN by sending a text message using the standard PIN. New PIN code 777's new PIN code.

For example, to change the standard PIN code, send a text message from "0000 1234 1234" to 777. Through Share "N" Sell, you can transfer different loan amounts, starting from the minimum amount of 50 NGN and up to 5,000 NGN per transaction.

You can also transmit up to 10 NGNs in total. , 000 every day! Here is how you can become a lender through Share'N' Sell.

How to change your PIN? You can change your PIN at any time by sending a text message using the default PIN. New PIN code New PIN code to number 777.

For example, send "0000 1234 1234" SMS to number 777. You can also change your PIN code on your mobile phone by dialing * 600 * Standard PIN code * New PIN code * New PIN #, and then press Submit/Press OK.

For example, dial *600*0000*1234*1234#, and then send /ok.

Use one of the SMS transfer methods to change your PIN immediately. You can transfer the loan from your mobile phone to another MTN customer's mobile phone at any time by sending a text message to 777 stating the transfer, payee number, amount, and PIN. For example, you can send an SMS with the text "Transfer 08031234567" from 1500 1234" to the number 777.

When you send this message, you will receive a text message asking you to confirm your transfer by sending a text message with "Yes" to 777.

You can also dial * 600 * payee number * amount * PIN # on your mobile phone, and then press Send/OK to transfer the loan from your mobile phone to another MTN customer's mobile phone. For example, dial *600*08031234567*1500*1234# and send /OK.

After the transfer is complete, you will receive a message to notify you. The translation is done correctly.

How To Transfer Airtime on 9mobile - Etisalat

You can transfer call time on the Etisalat line by simply dialing * 223 * PIN * Amount * phone number #.

In this case, your standard PIN code is 0000.

If you want to change the standard code for transferring call time to your Etisalat line, you only need to dial * 247 * 0000 * new PIN #.

This is how you can use Use 9mobile transfer code to transfer call time!

How to Transfer or Share Airtime On Airtel: Airtel Me2U

Airtel Me2U enables you to transfer from Airtel to Airtel Airtime and includes a standard PIN of 1234.

Send the standard new PIN to 432 to change your own airtel Me2U PIN. If successful, you will receive a reply. Your new password is 4321.

To move Airtel time/credit to Airtel line, enter text next to 432. Suppose you want to use 4321 as your own PIN to transfer 500 naira to 08023456789, send 2U 08023456789 500 4321 to 432. You can request 10 naira per movement.

How To Share Glo Airtime Or Credit

With Glo EasyShare, you can share your call credit with anyone on the Glo network. Use this service to send points to family, friends, and loved ones.

How to use EasyShare To transfer funds, please dial *131*recipient's phone number*transfer amount*password#.

For example, if your password is 12345 and you want to transfer N75 to a customer of 08155570458, please dial *131 * 08155570458 * 75 * 12345 #. After the transfer is complete, you will receive an SMS notification. The default password is 00000.

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