PHOTO'S NEWS: The EFCC Cartoon Telling Nigerians About Public Sector Corruption Is Commendable.

The Cartoons are a prime example of what is happening in Nigeria. 

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is responsible for combating financial crime in Nigeria, especially in the public sector.

The theft commission effectively prosecutes corrupt politicians in the country, but much of its efforts are often thwarted by the courts or members of the public. 

Wanted political corruption cases are often delayed for a long time, there is no information on the case, or the court dismisses the case.

The new head of the EFCC, the committee's youngest chairman, Abdulrashid Bawa, did everything in his power to ensure that corrupt politicians were treated appropriately, but this effort was hampered by the same old defensive style and practice. rottenness. politics in Nigeria.

The Anti-Theft Commission has published a cartoon depicting public sector corruption. 

Now; Let's link these photos to our day-to-day experiences in our Nigerian societies:

Photo: shows how members of the public are rushing to bring justice in the forest against petty thieves who steal phones or other items, depicting this person stealing a phone, and the masses after being beaten, ready to burn him alive. A typical scenario of what is happening today in some Nigerian societies: 

when a politician in a public office robbing public funds allocated for the development of the country and introducing infrastructure that helps people in their pockets, the masses continue to praise politicians for the little money that politicians will give them

Nigerian politicians take turns robbing public funds, these groups of politicians robbing money in circles to enrich themselves and their families at the expense of the masses, the taxpayers, and elect them to elections, to public office. In a democracy, it is a shame that leaders are treating public funds as they see fit, ignoring the outrage of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

Finally, when the EFCC catches corrupt politicians, a fight is often fought between the commission and SAN lawyers who are paid big bucks to defend politicians in court, other images show the group.

They celebrate when cases are closed in court or when you are finally out of jail. I think this cartoon is intended to raise public awareness of corruption in the public sector and how it affects people, which is a long-awaited achievement of the commission.

Photo: EFCC

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