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Get Free 500MB Daily On MTN Freenet

Download Techoragon Lite VPN👇 



Note: Updates; Upgrade to the Pro Ver of Techoragon VPN App and continue to enjoy same features / Setup👇

MTN Daily Free 500MB E-learning

MTN Daily Free 100MB

MTN TikTok Tweak


* Note make sure u have small normal MB for server updates

* Open The VPN a auto update messages pop-up, press okay!

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* Server: Choose server like: USA, DE, Singapore, Netherlands they're stable and fast.

* Tweak: Select MTN E-learning 500 - 2,1,3 or 4

* Press the center Logo Techoragon Lite to Connect the VPN app

* Once it's connects minimize the app, trying Browsing the internet; within some minutes you will receive a welcome message; Congratulating you with free 500mb e-learning data. Continue with your browsing!

Note: With the help of the VPN staying connected, powering all app on your smartphone with 500mb from mtn e-learning. You keep enjoying the freebie on a daily.

With the above you will Get Free 500MB Daily On MTN Freenet. Enjoy and rock it while it last!

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