How To Rock free 500MB MTN E-learning - 100MB Freenet Daily with TUT Tunnel VPN

DOWNLOAD Tunneltweak VPN App Here


Open the App – Goto Menu – Click (Update Config in the app menu, After successful Server updates.

Note: Make sure you have a small normal MB to update.

Click on Custom – Select your choice network MTN 500MB E-learning and Connect)

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How To Rock free 500MB MTN E-learning - 100MB Freenet Daily with TUT Tunnel VPN: Not to forget make servers updating a daily routine, do so time to time to get updated server/stay connected!

Servers updates completed – Select from the list of Tweak and tap on the (Start Button)

Within 5 seconds it Connected – You’ll get a response like “VPN Connected”. After some sec you’re good to surf the net. Enjoy!

If you get a response like Failed, just reconnect again. Apply Airplane mode On/Off & try again.

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Once it's connected, trying Browsing the internet; within some minutes you will receive a welcome message; congratulating with free mb data. Continue with your browsing!

Note: With the help of the VPN staying connected, powering all app on your smartphone & with the mb. You will keep enjoying the freebie on a daily.


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