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How to Speed Up Android Phones or Tablets Devices Using Developer Options

How to Speed Up Android Phones or Tablets Devices Using Developer Options

It is frustrating how your space is being used on your Android device, how it gets slower than when you bought it, how it starts to cause a variety of issues, the app consuming RAM making it slower.

Your Android phone has hidden settings that you can access to make it work faster than ever. Let's go ahead and take a look at the steps to speed up your Android phone or tablet.

After logging into Developer options, the next step is to change 3 sets of settings that control the speed of the animations on your Android phone. As surprising as it may sound, the animation editing settings can almost double the speed of animations on your phone, resulting in a much faster Android phone.


How to Speed Up Android Phones or Tablets Devices Using Developer Options

Go to the home screen of your Android phone or tablet, tap Settings. 

On the Settings screen, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and then tap the Device Info option (About phone) or search for it using the search bar at the top of your apk settings. 

Note: The equivalent tab for “Device Info” on HTC and LG phones is “Software Info” On the Device Info screen, scroll to the Version number option. Now start pressing Build Number, until a pop-up appears, informing you "You are X steps away from being a developer".

Tap on Build number; Keep pressing the build number until the "You are now a developer" pop-up appears. On most Android phones, you will need to tap about 7 times to become a developer. 

Until you become a developer After you become a developer, return to the Settings screen by tapping the back arrow. Once back on the Settings screen, scroll down and tap Developer options.

Go to Settings> Go to Developer Options. In such cases, just tap on the settings search bar and then find the Developer option. 

On the Developer Options screen, scroll down until you find all 3 animation settings: Windows Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale, and Animation Duration Scale. By default, each of these parameters will be set to 1X change it to .5X If you want your android to be a little faster than before, or turn off the animation scale to make it Super Fast Speed.

After selecting, restart your Android device.

Including with the above steps, I thought you could follow the steps on How to Speed ​​Up Android Phones or Tablets Using Developer Options

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