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​1. Prepare Your Mind:​

First and foremost, you want to put together your thoughts which you are leaving domestic for a regimented lifestyles withinside the camp. Life withinside the camp is intentionally made worrying as a way to put together you for any mission which could confront you out of doors the camp. You will now no longer discover it too comfortable; it’s a camp and now no longer your Father’s residence! Just be prepared for anything.

​2. Itemize All Your Needs Using A Scale of Preference (very crucial ones first):​

Very Important Ones

 a. Statement of Result  ND+HND, Bsc.. (Do Not laminate it please)

 b. School ID card

 c. Passport photographs (10 copies, white background, Surplus is higher than inadequacy)

 d. Green Card & Call-Up Letter / Coloured copies (Do Not laminate it please)

 e. Medical Certificate of Fitness indicating your fitness repute with NMA

 e. A Clear Bag file (To residence the above gadgets)

NB: Get five photocopies every of gadgets A,B,D and E above and additionally go along with their Original copies additionally.

3. Important Ones (For your Convenience)

 a. Stationeries; pen, Stapler, pin, gum, everlasting marker (those will prevent the strain of ‘borrow-me’ please)

 b. Two or 3 white T-shirts and shorts (You can be given  units however you could now no longer just like the high-satisfactory and size)

 c. Two or 3 pairs of socks and white rubber tennis shoes (for wet days)

 d. Plastic bucket (You should buy it withinside the camp however it is going to be greater expensive)

 e. Toiletries Essentials-(Toothbrush & Toothpaste, Bath soap & Sponge, Detergent, Toilet Paper, Towel,  slippers, detol).

 f. Bed sheet, pillow case, wrapper, one or  pairs of informal put on for Sundays and burn hearthplace night, Cardigan (now no longer compulsory)

 g. Mosquito Net (now no longer compulsory)

 h. Handkerchiefs (very crucial in particular for those who sweat)

 i. Waist bag (very very critical for housing your phones,

ID Cards, Handkerchief, biros, etc)

 j. Small-sized Torchlight/Rechargeable lamp (small one please) and Sunglasses (If you're published to the North)

 k. Your ATM card(s)

 l. meals flask, cup, spoon, water bottle for water for the duration of parade.

 m. Basic drug like Panadol, Paracetamol, malaria drug,flagyl, ache comfort drug and/different foundation drugs.

 n. Padlocks and key

 o. Ladies should upload another few conveniences. I trust you recognize me.

 p. Money! Money! Money! Hold accurate coins please 15k to 20k relying on the way you spend.

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