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Enrollment Stages At NYSC Camp

Enrollment Stages At NYSC Camp

The following are the enrollment Stages in the camp and the rules: 

Stage 1 

At the door: Right at the entryway that permits entrance into the camp, the camp security men would request you show them your "Call-up Letter"; when you show them, they will look through your baggage and, contingent upon the strategy took on by your camp administration, give you a label number. 

Stage 2 

Bed Space/Hostel: From the entry door, continue to the subsequent enrollment point where you would be allotted an inn and bed space. At this stage, they would gather the label number, that is, in case any was given to you by the entryway security men, and request that you compose your name; after which a bed space would be apportioned to you. 

Subsequent to taking out the camp required reports, find your bed space and drop your luggage(at proprietors hazard) and continue to the following stage 3. 

Stage 3 

Check: At this stage you would be needed to give the first of the accompanying archives (obviously you probably made around six copies for every one of): Call-up letter, Statement of result, Green card, School I.D card and the Medical testament of wellness. After check and affirmation, then, at that point, continue to 

Stage 4 

Biometric Registration: At this stage, they will take your thumb print; if match with the one you did at digital cafe. They will cross really look at your data; in the event that everything coordinated, they will decide the unit you have a place. Furthermore, you will be given, "Camp Corps Member Registration Slip" and Temporary I.D, Certificate design, Performance report structure, and Bio-information structure. 

Find the copy place and make two copies of the slip, and save the slip for additional utilization. 

Check the last digit number in your state code. It goes from, 0 to 9. 

0 is detachment 10; 

1 is unit 1; 

2 is unit 2; 

3 is unit 3 


9 is unit 9. 

Stage 5 

Unit: All company will be coordinated to accumulate at various areas. 

Your company official will be there to get you. 

Find your unit with the camp corps part enrollment slip, Green Card, Call up letter, proclamation of result, to get your document, Meal ticket, and NYSC Kits. 

Stage 6 

Bank acct opening: At this stage all PCMs would be needed to open another ledger... 

Stage 7 

First parade:

"Pam...papa pam...; pam daddy pam...; pi...po...pi...po...pam...papa paaaaaah" when you hear this sound from military trumpet, ordinarily by 4:00am, the individuals who have finished their enlistment and are kitted in white camp units should make a beeline for the motorcade ground for the absolute first procession.

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