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How To Activate 9mobile TIKTOK Bundle Cheat Via Entclass VPN App

How To Activate 9mobile TIKTOK Bundle Cheat Via Entclass VPN App

A way to set off 9mobile TIKTOK package deal Cheat via Entclass VPN App

9mobile TikTok bundle plan is now tunnelable and made to be had to be used on all other apps on Android device. This 9mobile cheat is almost equal as the 9mobile Social Chat Pak 2.5gb we were rocking for years now.

This 9mobile TikTok plan could be very reasonably-priced compared to 9mobile normal information plan. With the settings we can be supplying you below, you may enjoy a whooping 12gb for #2,000 on your 9mobile sim & blaze the cheat.

Be aware: This App & Tweaks can best be used to energy all app i.E it is able to most effective be use to browse on other apps like Chrome, WhatsApp, facebook, etc while connected to the vpn furnished below…

EC Tunnel VPN Download Here

Subscribe to 9mobile TikTok package deal

After subscribing to your chosen plan, Open and Setups Ec Tunnel Vpn as shown in the image below

SERVER: Select Best performance or select any Server of your preference

TWEAK: Pick 9mobile TikTok package deal

Then tap on begin to connect

Minimize your vpn after a successful connection and experience inexpensive facts plans from 9mobile..

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