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PPA Address 

The State Coordinator, 

NYSC Niger State. 


the Zonal Inspector 


The Local Government Inspector 


Your PPA Head, 

Dear Ma, 

Consent TO TRAVEL 

I, _____ with state code no ___ Wish to look for your consent to go for a long time, from ____ to _ to empower me bring my properties over from home and settle down for work at my place of essential task. Much obliged for your thought. 

Yours steadfastly, 



State code 

Telephone number 

*Please sympathetically utilize this to demand for consent when you get to ur neighborhood government* 

Movements of every kind in NYSC Orientation Camp last just for 21 days; a while later, corps individuals would be presented on Place of Primary Assignment (PPA). 

The following are the request for courses of action of things corps individuals need to do when their setting up camp reach a conclusion. 

Stage 1 

Report to your PPA: 

You will be given a posting letter the day camp will nearby your detachment official. The primary thing to do following leaving direction camp is to report at your PPA. 

Relax, there will be free transports in camp to take you to the nearby government where your PPA is under. In the nearby government, old corps individuals will invite you. You can rest over in the corpers hold up situated inside the area of the neighborhood government, then, at that point, in the first part of the day the next day, you should answer to your PPA. 

What you will be taking to your PPA is the posting letter that was given to you on camp after the passing out march (camp POP) on the last day of the camp. The quintessence of taking your letter to your PPA is to decide if they will acknowledge or dismiss you. 

The posting letter is a letter addressed to your boss, and a separable structure is under. 

Prompt: make a copy of your posting letter prior to submitting. 

At your PPA, the individual responsible for corps part will either acknowledge or dismiss you. 

In the separable structure, the PPA will either compose YES or NO and stamp it. 

For instance, assuming your PPA is a school, the head of the school will stamp the separable piece of the frame and compose YES/NO in the acknowledgment Column. 

Assuming he compose YES, that implies you can proceed with your means further, however in case he dismisses you, read on the best way to take another posting letter when you are dismissed 

Stage 2 

Present your letter of acknowledgment to your Zonal Office or Local Inspector office as the case perhaps: 

whenever you are acknowledged in your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA), the structure will be withdrawn and you will be given the end part of the structure and your PPA will keep the other part, you take the part given to you to the Zonal Office and submit. Contingent upon how far your PPA is to the Zonal Office, in case it is extremely far, a nearby assessor will be appended to your space who will gather the structure from you and record it in a register as you bring your slip. 

Stage 3 

Promptly you bring your acknowledgment letter and you fill the register, the Local Inspector/the individual taking care of you will demand 2 identification photo and your NYSC ID Card in case I neglect. For the following 1 year, you should consistently convey your ID card along anyplace you are going to. Your ID card will open entryways for you (contingent upon how you use it) 

Stage 4 

Return to the Zonal office/LIs office to fill in your bank subtleties 

Do you know why Ive been persistently posting this into steps, this is on the grounds that such countless corps individuals are anxious to go back home, so they will simply open the ledger and travel home, and will currently return to grumble they have not been paid. The explanation is on the grounds that they didn't fill the record register before they travel. So when you are through with your record opening, you will be given a ledger number, attempt to consider number back to the Zonal Office and fill in the record register book. 

In the record register book, you fill in your record number, bank and your mark. Your mark should be as old as example you gave while on camp. 

Stage 5 

Partake in your fourteen days leave (contingent upon you PPA) 

Whenever you have completed stages 1-4 and you are certain, you would now be able to travel, go for a preparation, read book for the following fourteen days relying upon your PPA. In case your PPA is a school, most occasions they are either currently on vacation period or going to begin. So partake in the occasion with them. Be that as it may, assuming your PPA is a private firm, service and other parastatals, your leave will be directed by them, so kindly cling to it. 

I trust you have found this article supportive. If it's not too much trouble, offer to your corper companions as it will assist some with peopling to decrease their pressure of settling down after camp. 

In outline, the means to take are 

1. Report to your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) 

2. Present your letter of acknowledgment to your Zonal Office or Local Inspector office as the case perhaps 

3. Fill in your ledger number and register in your profile information on a structure at the Zonal Office/Local Inspector 

4. Partake in your fourteen days leave (contingent upon you PPA).

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